23 05

How to Restore a Corrupt Memory Card

  The use of memory cards has gained much popularity over the years as they are good storage media for photos/pictures. Because of their small size and fragile nature, they need optimum care. However, under certain conditions, they can become corrupted, but then, you can repair them for further use. Here, you would discover how [...]

21 05

Discover Expert Advice on Photo Recovery From Memory Card Data Loss

Have you accidentally deleted the photos you have just taken with your digital camera? No person is excluded from this kind of disheartening experience. Imagine a situation wherein all the pictures of your recent wedding get deleted from the storage media when you mistakenly press the delete button. How then can photo recovery be done [...]

15 05

How to Restore Deleted Pictures from a SDCard

If you happen to delete pictures mistakenly from your SD card, you don’t need to panic. There’s always a way of recovering the pictures. You must know that mistakes do occur even when you least expect them. Hence, you need to be well informed about the right step to take when you get involved in [...]