The use of memory cards has gained much popularity over the years as they are good storage media for photos/pictures. Because of their small size and fragile nature, they need optimum care. However, under certain conditions, they can become corrupted, but then, you can repair them for further use. Here, you would discover how to restore a corrupt memory card.


Firstly, it is worth stating that you can recover the pictures you store on the corrupt memory card. Nevertheless, the card should be recognized by a PC in order to ascertain the possibility of image recovery.


Now, if you want to restore a corrupt memory card and then restore the pictures stored on it, you should have a card reader and image recovery software. Insert the corrupt memory card into the card reader; plug in the card reader into a USB port of your PC on which you have installed the image recovery software. Alternatively, if the PC comes with an in-built card reader, just use the SD slot of the computer.


At this stage, if the PC does not recognize the card, it may be difficult to repair it. It might have developed a critical file system damage. So, you may have to buy a new card. If it is recognized and yet the photos can’t be recovered in spite of the usage of the image recovery software, you would have to format the card in the digital camera wherein you want to use it. If the corruption happens again after formatting the memory device, you should discard it and get another one.


Having connected your card reader to the PC, open the image recovery software. Follow the on-screen wizard for the recovered data on the card. The data recovery tool will restore your photos within few minutes. Highlight the photos you want to save and properly copy them to the computer.


The next step is to repair the data card. Double click the “My Computer” icon on the desktop; right-click on the icon of the corrupt memory card and select “Format” from the drop-down menu. The default file system should be selected, followed by a click on the “Start” button. As a result, the memory card will get formatted and it will be ready for further use.


In all, if the memory card is corrupt beyond repair and you don’t want to forfeit your photos, you can search for companies that provide hardware solutions for the recovery of data on corrupt storage devices. Generally, an image recovery software is enough to restore your photos, if the storage device is still recognizable in your PC.