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How long can you restore deleted pictures?

You accidentally deleted some or all of your pictures and ask yourself how long Digicam Photo Recovery is able to restore them? Well, it depends... If any data gets written to the same location where the picture was before it got deleted, then the picture isn't recoverable anymore. So you better install an image recovery [...]

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Recover deleted pictures from my MicroSD card

Imagine you took some pictures from a new born baby, the first schoolday of your little girl, the christmas party or some other precious and unique moment. Proudly you pass the cam to your guests or the granny to show them the photos, and while grabbing the camera, tablet or phone, or while swiping through [...]

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MicroSD or SD-Card stopped working

Todays memory cards for cameras and phones get cheaper and more affordable every few months and make room for huge amounts of pictures. Lower prices are nice, until the quality suffers and suddenly the card isn't readable anymore and all pictures are lost forever. In some cases the card can still be recognized by Windows [...]

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