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Digicam Photo Recovery v1.5.0.0 changelog Preview!

Our next version of Digicam Photo Recovery is soon to be released! Here is a small preview of whats in the upcomming release: Changes in Digicam Photo Recovery ** * Added: Translated the App into 58 Languages! (see list below) * Added: Now you can sort the recovered pictures into folders according to their creation date. [...]

11 06

A gripping story of a customer.

How My Friend Restored His Lost Wedding Pictures with Digicam Photo Recovery Software My friend Mike took his best friend, Jane to the altar just 2 weeks ago! The wedding was well attended. It’s was indeed a gathering of the titans. Mike, my friend is a great banker. He has lots of friends in the [...]

11 06

Image Editing Tips

Image editing is the unique process of changing or retouching pictures for the better. It’s often used in retouching all kinds of digital photos as well as analogue pictures. If you’re interested in discovering more about the art editing, you need to grab the following tips. In the first place, image editing is carried out [...]

11 06

How to Insert and Remove Memory Card When Using a PC

Memory cards are very useful both in cameras, phones and computers. They are often used in storing all kinds of files like pictures, videos, music, texts and so on. It’s always very simple to insert or remove a memory card on a PC. All you need is to follow the simple tips outlined below. You [...]

11 06

Tips for Making Good Photos

If you’re a photographer, you’ve got to discover how best to make good photos. This is very important for the success of your career as a photographer. The more quality photos you make, the better opportunities you secure for higher paid jobs. Making good photos shouldn’t be a Herculean task. All you need is to [...]

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