How My Friend Restored His Lost Wedding Pictures with Digicam Photo Recovery Software

My friend Mike took his best friend, Jane to the altar just 2 weeks ago! The wedding was well attended. It’s was indeed a gathering of the titans. Mike, my friend is a great banker. He has lots of friends in the banking sector. His wife has been a nurse in one of the best hospitals in town. Hence, their wedding event was highly graced. People came from all walks of life. The family of the groom was well represented. The family of the bride was also at the occasion. It was indeed a glorious event.

To keep the memory of the wedding event green, my friend Mike bought a powerful digital camera. He gave it to another friend of his; John, to cover the wedding event. John has been a good photographer and artist. He covered every aspect of the event as much as he could. He took wonderful shots both during the church wedding and at the reception. At the end of the wedding event, John handed over the camera to Mike, the celebrant.

When we got home, my friend Mike and the wife were so much in a haste to see the pictures. As they zoomed off for the honeymoon, they took the camera and a laptop. While at the honeymoon venue, Mike tried to move the pictures from the camera to the laptop. He removed the memory card from the camera and inserted it in the card reader slot on the laptop. He and the wife were very pleased with the pictures as they are being transferred to the laptop. However, something went wrong! While they were moving the pictures to the laptop, Mike mistakenly pressed a wrong button. Suddenly, all the wedding pictures disappeared. Mike mistakenly deleted them from the Memory card. He tried to check whether the pictured were moved to the laptop or not. He only discovered an empty card. Hell was let loose! Mike and the wife started panicking. They wondered what went wrong. They don’t know what else to do again. They needed to print the pictures and share with their families. They also needed to keep the pictures for posterity.

In any case, Mike decided to recover the pictures by all means. He quickly went online and conducted a search on how to recover deleted photos. He got some clues. He downloaded photo recovery software and followed the direction in getting it installed. Mike tried to use the software to recover the deleted photos but nothing worked. He became afraid. The wife continued to sob. However, he still went back to the internet and downloaded photo recovery software. He even spent some cash to purchase the software. After installing it, nothing worked. In fact, the laptop started showing signs of virus attack. At this point, Mike got confused. He started thinking of what next to do.

In any case, I was still getting myself refreshed from the wedding event when my phone rang. I checked the caller; it was Mike, the latest married man in town. I picked the phone but all I could hear was a panic voice. My friend narrated how he mistakenly deleted the wedding pictures. He even told me how he tried using two photo recovery software programs but failed. Immediately, I asked him to calm down. I quickly rushed to the venue of the honeymoon to meet him. When I got there, I asked him to relax because; I’ve got the solution to his problem.

I’ve had a similar situation when I did a birthday party for my daughter. I mistakenly deleted the photos from the memory card. But I was able to recover them. Someone recommended wonderful software which I used. The name of the software is “Digicam Photo Recovery”. I told Mike about the software and where to get it. Quickly, we logged into the internet and opened “”. We searched for Digicam Photo Recovery software! Lo and behold, we got it quite cheap. I took time to lecture my friend on how to download and install the software. First of all, we ordered it. Then we followed the onscreen instructions to get it installed.


Here’s how to use Digicam Photo Recovery for restoring deleted pictures:

  • After installing the software on your laptop, you have to insert the memory card to the card reader. If your system doesn’t have a card reader, you can easily buy a “plug ‘n’ play” card reader and use it on the system.
  • Once the memory card is inserted, you have to open Digicam Photo Recovery software. The program will detect the memory card.
  • The next step is to select the drive to restore. You’ll then click on the button tagged “Find my pictures”. You have to wait for the software to locate the lost files and restore them. When it finishes, it will open a new folder with the restored pictures.

So, we followed the simple instruction described above. It worked like magic. We were able to restore all the deleted wedding pictures. Mike and his wife become very happy once more. I have to copy the recovered files back to the memory card after getting it reformatted. I also kept a copy of the pictures on Mike’s laptop. Later on, Mike went ahead to print the pictures. We all were very happy! That’s how I saved my friend Mike from calamity.

More about Digicam Photo Recovery

I’ll like to let you know more about Digicam Photo Recovery. Actually, the software is very unique. It’s available for purchase at “” and other software websites. Here are facts you need to know about it:

  • The software is very easy-to-use. All you need is to order it from the right source.
  • It’s very easy to install. You simply need to follow the onscreen instructions.
  • It comes with user-friendly features.
  • It accepts all kinds of memory cards including SDs, SDHC, MicroSDs, MicroSDHC, and so on.
  • You can use the software on  any system with Windows operating system
  • It’s free from malware and viruses
  • The software doesn’t make any changes in your system.
  • It doesn’t copy any files from your system
  • It doesn’t  change your system’s registry keys
  • It’s complete safe and sound


To use Digicam Photo Recovery successfully, you don’t have to use your memory card in saving new photos once you’ve deleted the old files mistakenly. If do so, you may end up not recovering the lost pictures. The right thing to do is to quit using the memory card once you’ve discovered that the files are missing. You’ll then go ahead to restore the lost pictures with the instructions given above. You’re sure to succeed if you follow the directions.

In conclusion, Digicam Photo Recovery is the best picture recovery software you can use. It’s available for easy download online! Just grab a copy of the software and start using it for your own good today!

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