Today we’ve released a new utility called App Optimizer.

App Optimizer scans your PC for apps that use databases for datastorage.
These databases get cluttered and unoptimized from time to time, waste space and slow down the whole application.
To save space and speed up these apps, App Optimizer optimizes these databases through a completely safe algorithm and saves the list of known apps for later reoptimization.

On first start, you’re able to chose between Quick Scan, Full Scan, Manual Scan and Known Apps.

Quick Scan, only scans  some predefined folders.
Full Scan, scans all drives on your computer.
Manual Scan, offers you to chose which drives to scan.
Known Apps, skipps scanning and reoptimizes files from a previous scan.

App Optimizer Screenshot

Click to view full size

Download:  App Optimizer Setup

The apps below and many many more will benefit from App Optimizer:

“adobe acrobat reader, adobe cit, adobe installer, adobe integrated runtime air, adobe oobe, adobe pcd, adobe photoshop lightroom, adobe flash, other adobe products, airbus a350 xwb, amazon kindle, amazon sendtokindle, android, apple aperture, apple iphone, apple ipodtouch, apple itunes, apple macosx, apple mail, apple safari, apple syncservices, avidemux, balsamiqmockups, calibre, chrome, chromium, corel painter, corel products, cyberlink – powercinema, drivers – hp, driverstore, dropbox, evernote, facebook messenger, feeddemon, filezilla, firefox, flame, fxhome, general electric, gnucash, google gears, google chrome, google chromium, google desktop, hotfilm 2 ultimate, hp touchsmart, intuit quickbooks, intuit turbotax, localstorage, mcafee, mcafee (security scan), microsoft games, mobrobo, motiondsp, nokia suite, nokia tools, opera, opera next, pencil, photokey 5 pro, photokey 6 pro, php, phxton, portable apps, realbasic, samsung epm, samsung galaxy backups, seamonkey, sid meyer’s civilisation, skype, slimware utilities, spool, spoon, sqlitepass, sqlitespy, sunbird, svn, tcl/tk, thinapp, thinstall, thunderbird, tomtom, toshiba, vreveal, webkit, webpageicons, BingFinance, BingDesktop, BingFoodAndDrink, BingHealthAndFitness, BingNews, BingSports, BingTravel, BingWeather”