5 01

New design

Our page got a fresh design overhaul and we will expand on it in the near future, adding more content and replacing elements with a more stilish equivalent. If something isn't working anymore, please feel free to contact us.

24 08

Make your PDF smaller to email it or archive it better.

As promised, today we've released our first Beta version of our software called "Make PDF Smaller". With only a click, you resize your big PDF and make it ready for email or archiving. Get it now and tell your friends about it! Download Make PDF Smaller

11 06


The need for portable storage of data led to the invention of different kinds of memory cards. It’s very possible to store thousands of images, documents, files and other data in a single memory chip. Such data can be stored in a variety of formats. They can also be stored in the chip for hundreds [...]

11 06

Top camera photography magazines – on Amazon

Are you an amateur and would love to expand your photography skills? Amazon.net offers you the best photography tech and tips that will definitely offer you the best opportunity that will help you learn photography tips and in turn improve your photography passion. In addition to that, you can get to enjoy a wide variety [...]