24 08

Make your PDF smaller to email it or archive it better.

As promised, today we've released our first Beta version of our software called "Make PDF Smaller". With only a click, you resize your big PDF and make it ready for email or archiving. Get it now and tell your friends about it! Download Make PDF Smaller

9 05

Speedup networking access

As we're constantly trying to optimize our systems and fix Windows bugs and annoyances, we stumbled over a strange behavior. Windows constantly accesses the folder C:\Windows\CSC\V2.0.6\namespace to check for offline files and these unneeded operations slow down the system, as any operation is using up resources and delays everything. These accesses seem to be so nummerous, [...]

14 04

FlashOn Flashlight mobile phone app

FlashOn flashlight is a simple free android app that enables you to use the camera flash of your mobile phone as a powerful flashlight. Download for your android phone.

14 04

Digicam Photo Recovery v1.5.0.0 changelog Preview!

Our next version of Digicam Photo Recovery is soon to be released! Here is a small preview of whats in the upcomming release: Changes in Digicam Photo Recovery ** * Added: Translated the App into 58 Languages! (see list below) * Added: Now you can sort the recovered pictures into folders according to their creation date. [...]